Our story began in an old apartment on the 4th floor on Mainstraße in Munich in 2009. It began with Augustiner Edelstoff and the firm conviction that we can offer the same motion picture solutions as the big and expensive agencies, but that thanks to our knowledge, network and our passion, we can do so significantly cheaper and more effectively.

But, the question was: Where to start? Two things were crucial for us: First, a good team in which every member feels like they are taken seriously and that fights as one for success. And second, the recognition that „sustainability" has its beginnings in the tiniest details. To be able to say „No" at times. The aspiration not to do just any job for money. This is how we were born, with all our inconsistencies. Knowing what we can do - and yet to realizing that our principles will not manifest themselves. We want to seek success without abandoning our ethics.

From creatures...

We firmly believed in our history and our stories - but also realized that we were quite some idiosyncratic creatures. With rough edges as well as the talent to always land on our feet. Just like our first companions: Our two agency cats. We knew that we were able to give our clients an understanding of the immense potential of moving pictures. Features for customers from creatures like us. A bit of Bavarian, a bit of English. Servus and cheers!


...through to features

Today, features and creatures has realized different pilot projects. We turned dilapidated wooden huts into film sets and displayed our videos on the world’s largest LED screens. We broadcasted live daily via satellite daily for three weeks from China, designed the first corporate television channel in Europe and made factory tours an interactive experience. We produce, archive and syndicate. We like what we do; we don’t do things by halves.