Live moderated and interactive online format

The history of AudiStream began with a simple question about 18 months ago: “How is a digital version of the already existing, classical factory tours at Audi supposed to look? An online format to really reach ALL of those interested in Audi?” 

It seemed clear from the beginning that it’s all about live communication in this case. Someone who is about to look into the production at the Audi site has a an individual focus and interests – and of course individual questions. Clear was too: Talking through it only would not be as exciting. The user has to SEE what it’s all about. 

For us, two basic parameters were fixed: We needed a live format for both watching AND interacting. So we scouted all the live streaming apps on the market with the sobering realization that none of them would fit our project’s requirements. 

The only way was to develop our own application that united the livestream function with the feature to play source videos while enabling users to ask questions via live chat. After all, viewers should be able to start a conversation with their Audi tour guide via the microphone function.  

Since November 18, 2019, the result is live: AudiStream ( An interactive online website that continuously shows different insights and themes from the Audi universe. Experienced tour guides share their knowledge from numerous factory tours on site and moderate the virtual round tour live from a studio. Appointments can be booked directly online. 

Thanks to: WeLocal World AG