Marketing World Premiere Audi Q2

International PR- and media campaign

“We would like to raise even more awareness for Audi Media TV among journalists and online media worldwide.” 

Based on this request, we developed a PR and media-based marketing concept for the world premier of the new Audi Q2 at the Geneva International Motor Show 2016.

The communication mix included social media marketing and traditional PR activities. Our Q2 landing page was pushed live four weeks before the event. Daily changing ads welcomed users and aroused their curiosity about the event.

We furthermore offered online media worldwide an event-specific embed code - with exclusive content and a countdown - as a special feature; thus, users around the globe not only witnessed the world premiere live and exclusively, but also received customized and newsworthy information about it.

The campaign acceptance was enormous. Over the course of three weeks, we generated a multiple of the regular traffic and induced corresponding global media coverage. Additional awareness was created by international world-class media which prominently integrated and embedded content.